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How do you build a shed into a hill?

Question by Jason K: How do you build a shed into a hill?
I have a steep hill in my backyard. If I can excavate a little into it, I would like to build a 12′x12′ shed recessed into the hill. What should I know when building in this environment? What sort of materials should I use to prevent the remaining earth from collapsing on to the shed. Besides standard shed building tips, is there anything else I should know? Thanks!

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Answer by boredstiff8
u will need a concrete foundation extending up above the dirt

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  • Jimmy Jett

    I’m not really positive on the materials, I’d imagine concrete would be the best. However, it would likely be expensive and after years it would likely start to crack, although it could be patched. I would definitely factor in the roof. You’d probably want it close to level with the back of the hill, if not a little lower and slanted in the direction of the hill. Even if it doesn’t snow where you live, you’d still likely be dealing with leaves or else just rain and mud.

    You may want to call local a shed manufacturer. Even if you don’t plan to use them, they’ll likely give you suggestions. Plus, I doubt they would push you into something that wouldn’t work as they usually have warranties on their sheds for so many years. Also, if you know any trusted contractors, you could have them come out and look over the place and give you their opinion. I doubt they would charge much to look it over as it wouldn’t be much time and no real work.

  • William B

    dig into the hill dig 8 to 10 ft farther if the hill is steep if not 6 feet will do
    put it on treated 6×6,s dig a trench at the back of the level part, to drain off the water
    built my cabin like that in TN

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